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Clubs & Organizations

Navy Hale Keiki School offers clubs and school organizations for first through fourth graders. Student clubs are led by NHKS teachers and staff, with meetings held after school (with the exception of Student Council).

Student Clubs & Organizations

Drama Club
The Drama club is a wonderful opportunity for students in 2nd through 5th grade to learn about theater, develop confidence with speaking publicly and make new friends. Every year we collaborate with the students to write a play, rehearse, make sets and perform at a theater. Students are involved in every step of the process from story and character development to making props, sets and costumes. Our grand finale is an evening performance enjoyed by friends and family.

Patriot's Club
Many children at NHKS experience deployments of parents and loved ones.  In an effort to support (second through fifth grade) students and help them feel productive during these stressful times, the Young Patriot’s Club is available. Priority enrollment is given to students of a deployed parent. Learn more about the Patriot's Club and its involvement with the military community.

Robotics Club
Robotics is available for grades 3rd-5th Grade. The club meets once a week to program and construct LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits, encouraging STEM in after school activities. Registration for Robotics is sent home via backpack and email at the beginning of the school year.

Student Council
Student Council is open to grades first through fifth, with positions in each grade level. Elections are held each fall, with students in upper grades casting their vote for class representatives, secretary, vice president, and president. Student Council members are encouraged to voice their opinions about the NHKS community, as well as speak up for those who are not in the council. Student Council organizes a food drive each year to collect goods for the Hawai'i Food Bank.