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Learning Goals for Kindergarten (End of Year Expectations)

Students will: 
  • Learn how to write with proper formation all upper- and lower-case letters.
  • Know all letter sounds and recognize that vowels have long and short sounds.
  • Learn to read by sounding out words through direct phonics instruction.
  • Write simple sentences independently.
  • Rote count and recognize numbers up to 100.
  • Solve addition and subtraction problems using manipulatives or counting.
  • Increase responsibility through classroom jobs.
  • Increase understanding of the world around them through scientific exploration.
  • Improve fine motor skills through writing, art, and hands-on activities. 
  • Ask questions and seek to learn more about the world around them.
  • Increase social skills through a deeper understanding of other’s needs and feelings.
  • Complete multi-step tasks and follow multi-step directions.
  • Write first and last names correctly. 
  • Continue to build fine and gross motor skills. 
  • Spell simple words, following a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern and words with silent e. 
  • Follow classroom conventions: raising hands, sitting at tables, and working independently.
What’s FUN about Kindergarten?
  • Field trips
  • Art Class once a week 
  • Physical Education Class once a week 
  • Library once a week 
  • Music once a week 
  • Recess twice a day on our own playground
  • Hands-on Science 
  • Mentorship program with older students
  • Special events
  • Principal time
  • Hands-on manipulatives and imagination-building toys
  • Multi-sensory activities 
  • Storytime/Group Activities
  • Reading Buddies with older students
  • Show and Tell
  • Schoolwide Halloween Celebration
  • Schoolwide Thanksgiving Feast
  • Winter and Spring Programs
  • Parent involvement events in the classroom with their child
  • Origami 
  • ABC Fashion Show 
  • Introduction to chapter books
  • End of Year Celebrations
What does my child need to start? 
  • A backpack and water bottle, all items labeled with child’s name
  • A change of clothes 
  • A lunch (Can be provided through our vendor)

What skills should my incoming kindergartener have?
  • Be able to recognize their name 
  • Be able to count to 10 
  • Be able to use the restroom independently 
  • Have a growing interest in numbers, letters, and books
  • Ability and willingness to listen and follow simple directions and have an eagerness to learn
*We provide all school supplies. 

At HKS, we focus on being developmentally appropriate and meeting our students where they are. Our skilled teachers build curricula around our students’ needs and strengths. This allows each child to shine and get what they need to be a life-long learner.