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Hale Keiki School currently serves students in preschool (age 3-4), prekindergarten (age 4-5), and kindergarten through sixth grade. For more about each grade, please see our Grade Levels page.


The preschool and prekindergarten programs balance developmental activities with pre-academic skills. Interest-driven and learning-based centers include experiences for literacy development, early number concepts, socialization, and motor (physical) development. 

The programs in the elementary grades provide a vigorous educational experience utilizing a multisensory approach. Students learn through letter and sound recognition, reading, spelling, syllabication, and language rules. Students develop reading strategies for comprehension and critical thinking, as well as writing skills in whole and small instructional group sessions. Math strategies are utilized in preschool through fourth grade to introduce, support, and scaffold math concepts in number and numeration, operations and computation, data analysis and probability, measurement and reference frames, geometry, patterns, functions, and algebra. Throughout all levels, curricular areas also include science, creative arts, social studies, physical education, and library skills. Basic computer skills are incorporated into the first through fourth-grade curriculum. Fifth and sixth graders use 1 to 1 computers. HKS also offers a variety of after-school enrichment programs.


Shortly after the start of school, each teacher will informally assess students to determine their classroom levels. These informal intake assessments support our teachers in meeting the students where they are individually before moving them forward through differentiated instruction.


Carefully selected assignments can help students establish good study and leisure time habits. Homework reinforces classroom learning and also encourages parental involvement. When a student experiences difficulty in completing homework independently, parents should inform the teacher promptly. Parents should check backpacks and homework folders every day to monitor the student’s homework assignments. Generally, homework for students is specific to each child's needs for understanding the subject material.


Interested in registering for the current school year? Please contact our administrative staff at 808.423.1727 or by email at adminassistant@nhks.org.