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The school operates through a Land Use Agreement with the United States Navy, Pearl Harbor, and is governed by a Board of Governors (BOG). The BOG is comprised of parents of currently enrolled children and three Community Advisors. The day-to-day operation is the primary responsibility of the Head of School/Principal. 


The role and responsibilities of the Board of Governors (BOG) is defined in its By-Laws and provides the structure and authority for all aspects of the educational, financial, and operational decisions of the school, subject to applicable federal and state laws and regulations. The BOG establishes and implements school policies and ensures that the administration, faculty, staff, and students receive the support needed to fulfill the school's mission and long-term vision. 

The BOG is comprised of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Buildings and Grounds Advisor, Conveyance Advisor, and Development and Marketing Advisor, each of whom serves a one-year-elected term. In addition, three Community Advisors selected by the BOG each serve a three-year term. The responsibilities of each BOG position are outlined in the By-Laws.  A copy of the HKS By-Laws is available for review upon request in the school’s business office. 

The Head of School/Principal is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school and its programs. This includes all matters involving the students, curriculum and instruction, health and safety, and the physical, financial, and human resources of the school. The administrative support staff includes a Chief Financial Officer, Office Manager, Student Support Specialist, and Administrative Assistant. 

The Head of School/Principal, Chief Financial Officer, and PTO President serve on the Board of Governors in an advisory capacity and are non-voting members. 


Schoolwide committees exist to conduct detailed planning and analysis in support of BOG efforts. Committee membership has representation from the instructional staff, school administration, and parent body. The following standing committees are now in operation: Finance and Operations and Steering Committee. 

The Finance and Operations Committee

Researches resources and collects data to help the BOG regarding financial planning;

Reviews the proposed annual budget and makes recommendations to the BOG;

Examines school expenditures and compares spending patterns to current reserve funds to determine if these funds are adequate or excessive. 

The Steering Committee ensures that progress is made in addressing the issues on the School Action Plan (SAP). HKS’s SAP was created as part of the accreditation process with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The accreditation process begins with the school community evaluating the different components of the organization (e.g. program, staffing, finance, and resources) using the WASC and HAIS criterion. A self-study report articulates the evaluation results and includes a SAP. The school’s SAP is a master plan that outlines directions for ongoing school improvement. A copy of the school’s self-study report is available for review upon request in the office. 


The BOG and administration form “ad-hoc” committees to address specific needs as they may occur.