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schoolwide learning expectations

Hale Keiki School provides an integrated and carefully developed academic program. The school strives to prepare each student to live and function socially, emotionally, academically, morally, aesthetically, and physically in today’s world. This is achieved through independent study as well as through group effort. Children in the younger stages of development can learn to be responsible for their actions and achievements. Students learn to be lifelong learners, effective communicators, productive thinkers, respectful and responsible students, collaborative workers, community contributors, and health-conscious participants. 

The school’s Schoolwide Learning Expectations, or SLEs, represent what each student should know, understand, and be able to do upon graduating from sixth grade. Schoolwide Learning Expectations are assessed at each grade level.

The following SLEs are used: 

  • Exhibits curiosity, confidence, and enthusiasm 
  • Responds to learning opportunities 
  • Seeks information to increase knowledge and understanding 
  • Demonstrates active and receptive learning skills 
  • Shows flexibility and perseverance in completing tasks 
  • Displays independence 
  • Has confidence in his or her own knowledge and abilities 
  • Develops and displays a positive attitude 
  • Understands and appreciates the arts 
  • Communicates effectively in oral, written, and artistic forms 
  • Receives, organizes, and interprets information correctly 
  • Uses technology to acquire, synthesize, and share knowledge 
  • Expresses ideas, thoughts, feelings, and opinions clearly 
  • Demonstrates knowledge of subject matter 
  • Identifies and analyzes issues 
  • Researches, hypothesizes, and formulates possible solutions 
  • Implements problem-solving strategies 
  • Applies academic knowledge and skills 
  • Demonstrates positive behavior toward family, friends, and community 
  • Respects the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of self and others 
  • Expresses feelings and opinions politely and respectfully 
  • Understands and actively distinguishes right from wrong 
  • Respects authority 
  • Accepts responsibility for decisions and actions 
  • Appreciates and values the differences between individuals 
  • Respects nature and the environment 
  • Works both independently and cooperatively 
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and positively contributes 
  • Strives to improve by using skills to set and achieve goals 
  • Understands the importance of physical activity 
  • Enjoys and participates in physical activities 
  • Practices safe and healthy routines 
  • Develops habits that promote a healthy mind and body