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Entertainment®  Membership Sales

Entertainment®  Book Sales are part of an annual fundraiser at NHKS held each fall. Each student is encouraged to sell at least one book to help raise funds for NHKS financial aid.

What are Entertainment®  Memberships?

Entertainment® memberships contain hundreds of coupons and savings in your area---everything from local restaurants to major retail stores.

Entertainment® Memberships can be purchased digitally/online. Take your coupons everywhere you go, right in the comfort of your pocket or purse! Download the Entertainment® mobile app to find discounts and savings at your fingertips.

Visit Raisy to set up your personal fundraising page at

Click here to download the 2021 Fundraising Flyer

What is the fundraiser for?

Entertainment®  Book Sales raise funds for the NHKS financial aid fund.

Questions? Please contact the Chief Financial Officer at