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Ballet Program with Miss Jenny

at Navy Hale Keiki Elementary School

Preschool and Prekindergarten Only

Jenny Riley-Doyle is a 20-year Ballet, Yoga, & Pilates Instructor from Germany.


Miss Jenny is a kind and nurturing teacher who has high expectations. Her students must be sincere and willing to be corrected. She takes pride in being a very "hands-on" teacher, making students aware of proper placement and muscle engagement. She meticulously pays attention to proper technique. It is important to her that the dancers feel their body and each movement. No movement should be done arbitrarily but with very precise attention to placement, musicality and artistry. Her goal is to inspire students to love the art of ballet and to always put forth their best effort.

Fall Semester 2021:

August 30th-December 6th

Mondays 12:15 pm-12:45 pm


$120 for 12 sessions

Payment can be rendered via PayPal to


To sign up or for more info, email Miss Jenny at