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Frequently Asked Questions

NHKS plans to return to school, as an on-campus only program, on August 3, 2020, as scheduled. NHKS will do so in a way that follows Federal guidelines for COVID-19 Procedures. These procedures may include provisions for health screening, wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitation procedures. We are actively monitoring class sizes, space requirements, and personnel needs to meet current guidelines. We are ready to make any adjustments as needed. 

updated 6/9/2020


Screening is still scheduled to be held during the first week of school, beginning on the first day of school.

The screening process has not changed. 

For Preschool and Prekindergarteners: First three (3) days of school.

For Kindergarten-5th Grade: First five (5) Days of School. 


updated 6/9/2020



Yes. The methods used to conduct the Orientation will most likely be different from previous years' orientations depending on the available guidance and regulations at the time. We will communicate the details, once finalized, via email with our new and returning families. 


update 6/9/2020

In the event that NHKS is not offering a distance-learning option for students unable to attend due to COVID-19, a doctor's note explaining that attending NHKS is unsafe for the student or family member will need to be submitted with the official Notice of Withdrawal to qualify for the waived disenrollment fee. If NHKS is offering a distance-learning platform, the fee will not be waived. 


updated 6/9/2020